Embroidery hoop handicraft on the table

Embroidery helps your health

Anything that you can do with your hands, can do good for your overall health and yes, Embroidery can help you get healthy. In this article, we will talk about Embroidering,  a traditional art form that not only beneficial aesthetically, but even emotionally and physiologically. In fact, more and more studies have proven how Embroidery

How to Get Started With Cross Stitch the Easy Way

If you are like the ones that always thinks in give embroidery a go but have been intimidated by the different supplies and the vast number of stitches and tutorials, this quick-start embroidery stitches instructions manual is for you.  This easy overview can be also valuable if you’re introducing cross stitching embroidery to a buddy

Embroidery is back to the Fashion cene

As a kid, I recall that my mother had a real talent for embroidery. I have frequently thought it was sad that abilities like sewing, crochet, and knitting aren’t as common as they once were. Therefore, although I never uttered mum’s mad skills with a needle, I’m excited to find that embroidery is making a long-awaited comeback

What Is An Embroidery Stitch?

What Is An Embroidery Stitch?Embroidery is a beautiful craft where a needle and special threads are utilized to create stitched embellishments on fabrics, either by hand or by a machine. The stitches are collectively referred to as embroidery stitches, and there’s no one specific embroidery stitch. The term is used generically to refer to any