Embroidery hoop handicraft on the table

Embroidery helps your health

Anything that you can do with your hands, can do good for your overall health and yes, Embroidery can help you get healthy. In this article, we will talk about Embroidering,  a traditional art form that not only beneficial aesthetically, but even emotionally and physiologically. In fact, more and more studies have proven how Embroidery

Young beautiful smiling girl in Ukrainian costume with a wreath

Embroidery is Fashion!

Embroidery is a traditional craft which has seen a big resurgence in the latest years. Modern embroidery is not your grandmother’s embroidery nowadays, there are a lot more fluency and expression in the craft. Some modern embroidery kits interweave feminism, sass, or trendy geometrics, some are traditional flowers with a pop of color. In some